Spending at a Casino

Everyone has a system they use to try and limit their losses when visiting a casino. The best approach to enjoying yourself in a casino is to know your limitations and avoid gambling away the bill money for the month. Set aside as much money as you can, and then use one of these systems to help you limit your losses.

1) Right Pocket to Left Pocket

When you walk into the casino, have the money you intend to spend in your right pocket. As you go to play a slot machine or a video poker game, pull out one of the bills from your right pocket. If you win on that bill, pull out your winnings and put them in your left pocket and then move on to the next machine. If you lose that bill, then move on to a new machine and try your luck somewhere else. For the table games, pull out a bill and start playing. Set your winnings aside and keep playing until the bill is gone. Cash in your winnings, put them in your left pocket and move on to a new game. Never spend the money in your left pocket. Once your right pocket is empty, it is time to leave. You could lose all of your money, but with this system you at least have a chance to walk out with your winnings.

2) Casino Money

Leave your ATM card at home and only play with the money you came with. You can decide to play your winnings if you want, but under no circumstances do you use a credit card or take money from your bank account. At least, with this method, you will never spend more than you intended.

Visiting a casino requires will power to prevent you from losing all of your money. When you have a good system to follow, that can help you enjoy your time without spending more than you intended to.

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