Recognizing a Gambling Addiction

It takes a trained professional to properly diagnose and treat a gambling addiction problem. But there are signs that show up when someone is starting to become addicted to gambling that friends and family members should be aware of. If someone you know is showing signs of gambling addiction, then you should talk to them about their problem and help them find treatment.

1) Priorities

A gambling addict will start to slowly change his priorities when it comes to family functions, finances and even personal care. He will not show up to parties or family gatherings, he will start to get behind in his bills for no apparent reason and he will look like he has not slept in a while.

2) Other Gambling

An addiction to casino gambling can spill over into other kinds of gambling. If you start to notice that your friend is buying lottery scratch-off tickets every day when he never used to consider buying them, then that could be the signs of a problem. Addicted gamblers will also start to make small side bets on sports and news events and then expect payment if his bet is correct. In some states, off-track horse betting is legal and this is another place where addicted gamblers tend to go.

3) Easy to Find

If the first place you look for your friend is the casino, and he is usually there, then that is a problem. The huge red flag when it comes to this part of the addiction is when he starts calling in to work just to go to the casino.

A gambling addiction can leave someone broke, unemployed and homeless. If you see a gambling addiction starting, reach out to that person and try to help him get treatment before it is too late.

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