How To Stop Your Gambling Addiction

Gambling addictions cause more than financial difficulties. It can also cause depression and work and family issues. There are steps you can go through to quit your addiction before it gets too out of hand. First, make a list of every penny you spend on gambling, whether it is big or small. This will help you realize where you are spending your money and how much you are spending. Keep the total updated for as long as you are gambling. Also include any loans that support gambling(–ste-g-2-23016.html). Do not overestimate your chances of winning. Try to be realistic. You may need to seek financial guidance. Some people can stop their gambling problem by leaning how to deal with the stress of debt and not feel overwhelmed. It is easier to deal with debt when you are relaxed and can deal with the pressure. Keep a journal and write down everything you are feeling before you start gambling and also afterwards. It will be easier to stop if you ponder the reasons why you are gambling. You may find that you are gambling for other reasons than winning such as depression, boredom, loneliness, stress, and other things. Instead of gambling, find something else you really like to do and focus your attention on that instead. But do not focus your attention on something that may become another problem such as shopping. If you love sports, try focusing your attention on that. Find some ways to deal with gambling urges. Try techniques to reduce your stress and build self-confidence. A lot of gambling addicts get professional help or join support groups. If you want to quit gambling on your own, your chances of quitting will increase if you have some kind of support. Try handing over all your money including cash, credit cards, check books, etc. to a friend or family member that you trust so they will be the one to choose where your money goes. If you gamble online, close your accounts. It wont solve your problem, but it is a start.

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