How To Help a Friend With a Gamling Problem

A lot of people in the United States have developed a compulsive gambling problem. Gabling can destroy families, careers, and even your health if you are not careful Don’t Let Yourself Live In Fear of Relapse. If you have a friend with a gambling problem, you may be able to help them. First, talk to your friend about the consequences of gambling. A lot of gamblers aren’t aware of how bad their addiction has become. Talk to them about how they have changed because of their addiction and how it is affecting the people they care about. Do not judge them or preach because that will just make them defensive. Let them know that you and other people that care about them will be there to help them. Stay calm and don’t get angry. If you get angry, the gambler will get defensive and they will want to go gamble more. Just like any addiction, most compulsive gamblers use gambling as a way of relieving stress. Try not to argue with them, as this will make it worse. Try doing other things with the gambler. Suggest other types of entertainment that do not involve gambling and these things with them. Just try to have a good time with them, and they will realize there are other things to do besides gambling. Try to get their friends and family to do the same thing. Do not give them any money or any other sort of financial help. The only way for them to get rid of their problem is if they take responsibility on their own. Let their family and friends know this too. When they feel like they have run out of options, they may start to seek professional help, which is a good thing. Encourage them to join a support group. If they start to get violent, stop trying to help them yourself and seek professional help.

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