Avoid Becoming a Compulsive Gambler – Know the Warning Signs

A majority of people head to the casino for a few hours of entertainment and the chance to win it big. They may do it once or twice a year and have a set amount of money that they will bet. But for some, the casino becomes a more sinister place, consuming all of their waking hours. It is important to know the warning signs in the early stages and to nip it in the bud before it is a problem.

  • Ask yourself how many times you are going to the casino in a month’s time. If it is once or twice, then it’s a mild habit, nothing more. Visiting every week is a sign. Getting paid then going to the casino afterwards is an early sign of an addiction forming.
  • Where is the money coming from? It is one thing to set aside funds to play with; it is entirely another thing to have every dollar that should be going to bills get used for gambling instead. Recognizing that you are starting to spend money at the casino instead of for necessities is a sign.
  • Lying to yourself and to others. This can be about where the money went to, “I got robbed,” or where you spent the evening, “I was at my bud’s house.” Anything to cover up where you really were to avoid disapproving looks and words from others.

These are the main signs of a gambling addiction. If you find yourself doing any one of these, get help now. Stop it before it is too late and you are on the street.

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