Kevin Faidley: Area man takes $11,783,030 cash pay-out on ticket

Kevin Faidley didn’t believe the numbers when he read them in the paper Friday morning.

They said he held the winning ticket for the $20.1 million Hoosier Lotto.

First he went to Doc’s BP at 2105 National Road W. where he bought the ticket Wednesday.

They assured him they’d sold the winner.

Faidley’s next stop was the Hoosier Lottery headquarters in Indianapolis to validate the ticket and claim the jackpot.

He couldn’t be reached at his home Friday evening, but he said in a Hoosier Lotto press release, “I plan to use this prize to pay off debts. I’m going to wait on any special purchases. I want to spend it well.”

He is sharing the prize with his sisters, brother and mother. “Whenever I bought tickets it was always five because I always planned to share it with them.”

But there is a condition: They each owe him a dollar.

Faidley and his family elected to take the $11,783,030 cash pay-out on the ticket. The $20.1 million would have been paid out over a 20-year period.

Doc’s BP gets $100,000 for selling the ticket.

The 49-year-old machinist told Lotto officials, “My family has always worked a lot; often two jobs at a time.

“One summer I had four jobs at one time,” Faidley said. “This win gives us some relief.”

He said he plans to step down from his current job “to allow someone else to work.”

The $20.1 million jackpot was the sixth largest in Hoosier Lotto history. The biggest was $42 million won in 1999.

The $20.1 million ticket isn’t the biggest winner ever sold in Richmond.

A Powerball ticket worth $295.7 million was sold here in July 1998. Thirteen machinists from Westerville, Ohio, shared that windfall.