he most important element is you.

You…..Know yourself and set your own boundaries and style of play.

The house….Casinos know human nature and not from a book but from hard day to day experience. Greed is the greatest motivator and this they understand very well. So don’t play to make money….play to have fun for the least amount of money.

Set objectives…..If your objective is to just play the slots in any random fashion, that’s fine, it’s your money and if this brings you a measure of fun, great. I have played that way for many years and lost “Mucho Dinaro” I thought I was enjoying myself but I can tell you I have a lot more fun now using the method of play I’ve developed.

Steaming…Don’t blindly play a machine and chase the Jackpot, Particularly on the high end slots. If you want to play for fun play the nickle machines, $10.00 goes a long way.