Slot Machines are the easiest and the least expensive casino games to play online. Few people make millions playing slots, but it is a fun game that can give even the most seasoned gambler a break from the “higher stress” games. Slots personifies the label, “game of chance”, and although there is absolutely no way of influencing the outcome of any spin, there are ways to improve your play. First and foremost, check the odds of the game.
One slots game can be completely different from the next, but a good rule of thumb is that the higher the value of coins it requires, the higher the odds. Also, be sure to pay attention to whether or not the game is a three-reel machine, or a four-reeler.
Four-reel games will generally have higher payouts, but three-reels produce substantially better odds for the player. Bankroll management, as with any other game, is as important as any other strategy. Based on a 10 spins per minute model at a 90 % payout rate with a maximum three coin bet, you should expect to wager the following amounts:

  • Nickel Machine – $9.00 per hour
  • Quarter Machine – $45.00 per hour
  • One Dollar Machine – $180.00 per hour
  • Five Dollar Machine – $900.00 per hourIf you are lucky enough to repeatedly hit the jackpot, but don’t have the sense to quit when you’re ahead, you must establish a sensible bankroll control so that you can manage your money and make Slots more enjoyable.