Eventually, the ball will decrease in speed and fall toward the spinning wheel where it will bounce around for a while until it lands in one of the numbered slots. If your bet is a “hit”, the casino pays a variety of odds based on the number of numbers covered by your bet. Most casinos have both minimum and maximum bet limits associated with a table.

As with most casino games, the house (casino) has an advantage built into the roulette game. There is nothing you can do to overcome this house edge or “vigorish “. However, with a strategy, you might stop throwing your money away everytime and start keeping what you win when you get lucky. The primary purpose of Roulette Revenge is to construct and test strategies in the playing of Roulette. Below we will introduce you to some of the details of the game then lead you to more details on building a strategy.

There are two variations of the game of roulette – European and American. Both have a base set of numbers from 1 to 36. The European wheel has one extra number – the zero. The American wheel has two extra numbers – a zero and a double zero. It is the presence of these extra numbers that give the casino its advantage (not the numbers themselves, necessarily). Of course, the European wheel with the single “detractor” has a smaller advantage for the casino, and therefore is better for the player.

The numbers on the wheel may appear to be randomly distributed, however, you will notice there is a distinct pattern of alternating red-black and even-odd, in addition to pairings of high-low numbers.

While European and American wheels are generally found in their respective continents, some have made their way across the ocean. In addition, online casinos may have either. Keep an eye out for the single zero games with the lower house advantage.