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Avoid Becoming a Compulsive Gambler – Know the Warning Signs

A majority of people head to the casino for a few hours of entertainment and the chance to win it big. They may do it once or twice a year and have a set amount of money that they will bet. But for some, the casino becomes a more sinister place, consuming all of their waking hours. It is important to know the warning signs in the early stages and to nip it in the bud before it is a problem.

  • Ask yourself how many times you are going to the casino in a month’s time. If it is once or twice, then it’s a mild habit, nothing more. Visiting every week is a sign. Getting paid then going to the casino afterwards is an early sign of an addiction forming.
  • Where is the money coming from? It is one thing to set aside funds to play with; it is entirely another thing to have every dollar that should be going to bills get used for gambling instead. Recognizing that you are starting to spend money at the casino instead of for necessities is a sign.
  • Lying to yourself and to others. This can be about where the money went to, “I got robbed,” or where you spent the evening, “I was at my bud’s house.” Anything to cover up where you really were to avoid disapproving looks and words from others.

These are the main signs of a gambling addiction. If you find yourself doing any one of these, get help now. Stop it before it is too late and you are on the street.

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How To Stop Your Gambling Addiction

Gambling addictions cause more than financial difficulties. It can also cause depression and work and family issues. There are steps you can go through to quit your addiction before it gets too out of hand. First, make a list of every penny you spend on gambling, whether it is big or small. This will help you realize where you are spending your money and how much you are spending. Keep the total updated for as long as you are gambling. Also include any loans that support gambling(–ste-g-2-23016.html). Do not overestimate your chances of winning. Try to be realistic. You may need to seek financial guidance. Some people can stop their gambling problem by leaning how to deal with the stress of debt and not feel overwhelmed. It is easier to deal with debt when you are relaxed and can deal with the pressure. Keep a journal and write down everything you are feeling before you start gambling and also afterwards. It will be easier to stop if you ponder the reasons why you are gambling. You may find that you are gambling for other reasons than winning such as depression, boredom, loneliness, stress, and other things. Instead of gambling, find something else you really like to do and focus your attention on that instead. But do not focus your attention on something that may become another problem such as shopping. If you love sports, try focusing your attention on that. Find some ways to deal with gambling urges. Try techniques to reduce your stress and build self-confidence. A lot of gambling addicts get professional help or join support groups. If you want to quit gambling on your own, your chances of quitting will increase if you have some kind of support. Try handing over all your money including cash, credit cards, check books, etc. to a friend or family member that you trust so they will be the one to choose where your money goes. If you gamble online, close your accounts. It wont solve your problem, but it is a start.

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How To Help a Friend With a Gamling Problem

A lot of people in the United States have developed a compulsive gambling problem. Gabling can destroy families, careers, and even your health if you are not careful Don’t Let Yourself Live In Fear of Relapse. If you have a friend with a gambling problem, you may be able to help them. First, talk to your friend about the consequences of gambling. A lot of gamblers aren’t aware of how bad their addiction has become. Talk to them about how they have changed because of their addiction and how it is affecting the people they care about. Do not judge them or preach because that will just make them defensive. Let them know that you and other people that care about them will be there to help them. Stay calm and don’t get angry. If you get angry, the gambler will get defensive and they will want to go gamble more. Just like any addiction, most compulsive gamblers use gambling as a way of relieving stress. Try not to argue with them, as this will make it worse. Try doing other things with the gambler. Suggest other types of entertainment that do not involve gambling and these things with them. Just try to have a good time with them, and they will realize there are other things to do besides gambling. Try to get their friends and family to do the same thing. Do not give them any money or any other sort of financial help. The only way for them to get rid of their problem is if they take responsibility on their own. Let their family and friends know this too. When they feel like they have run out of options, they may start to seek professional help, which is a good thing. Encourage them to join a support group. If they start to get violent, stop trying to help them yourself and seek professional help.

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How to Win When Gambling

All games that you play at the casino are games of chance and the odds are most likely not in your favor. It is possible to win, but not in the long run. However, there are some ways to have an advantage. Avoid games such as slots, roulette, and keno. The odds are definitely not in your favor. You will have a better chance with games such as craps or black jack. Try not to play any of the new table games. These will not be in your favor.

Learn how to play poker and keep practicing. Poker is probably your best chance at winning if you are a very good player. Since you play against other players instead of the house, you will have a better advantage. You can choose who you play with. Learn how to count cards in black jack. Most casinos do not allow this, however, it is legal. Be careful, if they think you are counting cards, they will ask you to leave. Counting cards involves you having very good mathematical skills. To do this, you pay attention to every single card that is turned over by the dealer so you know the cards that are left in the deck.

Poker is probably the most popular game and many players have developed very high skills. Choose wisely who you play with. Try picking people who have not been playing very long. You may loose a lot of money if you play with someone who has been playing for years.

When you gamble, you are taking a very high risk. The trick is to quit while you are ahead. Make sure you know how much you can afford to loose and keep this in your head as you continue to play.

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How To Control A Gambling Problem

Gambling can be fun for some people, but for most people who gamble, it can be very stressful. Gambling is like any other addiction. At first, you think you are just having harmless fun, but with time, it controls your life. Compulsive gambling does not only affect your finances, but it can affect your work, family, and even your health.

The first step to getting rid of your problem is admitting you have one. This is the most important thing a person has to do to get rid of any addiction. Ask your friends and family to help you with your problem. But do not ask them for financial help. One of the biggest mistakes family members and friends make is they pay off their debt for them. You have to do that part alone if you want to get rid of your problem. It is important to let the people you care about know that you are trying to control your problem and that you need their support.

You need to know your limits. You need to set a budget and stick to it. For some people, gambling even a little bit is a danger because they wont know how to stop. If you want to gamble maybe a few times a year or so, then it is ok, but you have to make sure you know when to stop.

You may want to join a gambler’s anonymous program and consider seeing a therapist. A lot of people who have a gambling addiction also develop other addictions as well such as alcohol addiction. There are also other places you can look for help as well. All casinos or wherever you gamble will have information on where you can seek help if you have a gambling problem. Don’t be afraid to ask for help. Most people with an addiction can’t control it on their own. Just like any problem, you will not be able to control it right away. It takes time and patience to get control an addiction.

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Recognizing a Gambling Addiction

It takes a trained professional to properly diagnose and treat a gambling addiction problem. But there are signs that show up when someone is starting to become addicted to gambling that friends and family members should be aware of. If someone you know is showing signs of gambling addiction, then you should talk to them about their problem and help them find treatment.

1) Priorities

A gambling addict will start to slowly change his priorities when it comes to family functions, finances and even personal care. He will not show up to parties or family gatherings, he will start to get behind in his bills for no apparent reason and he will look like he has not slept in a while.

2) Other Gambling

An addiction to casino gambling can spill over into other kinds of gambling. If you start to notice that your friend is buying lottery scratch-off tickets every day when he never used to consider buying them, then that could be the signs of a problem. Addicted gamblers will also start to make small side bets on sports and news events and then expect payment if his bet is correct. In some states, off-track horse betting is legal and this is another place where addicted gamblers tend to go.

3) Easy to Find

If the first place you look for your friend is the casino, and he is usually there, then that is a problem. The huge red flag when it comes to this part of the addiction is when he starts calling in to work just to go to the casino.

A gambling addiction can leave someone broke, unemployed and homeless. If you see a gambling addiction starting, reach out to that person and try to help him get treatment before it is too late.

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Gambling Without Addiction

Gambling is a pleasure and a pastime of many. These days, however, with the various outlets to wager, there are those who can quickly find themselves out of control. Once a gambling problem begins, its tough to end, and the time between problem and solution can leave a life in ruins. So, for those of you looking to avoid a problem, here are some hints that could help you avoid it altogether.

The first is not to get involved if you have a history in your family on any type of obsessive or addictive behavior. Even if it’s not gambling, you could be predisposed to the gene and it could be manifest that way. You never know when one man’s thrilling online casino bonus is going to be something that you wouldn’t look forward to.

The next thing is to set aside money for your recreational gambling. Having a budget will not only help you to stay within a limit, but it will also give you a basis to raise your own red flag if you begin to use more than the allotted amount of money.

Another way to be safe is to be conscious of your reactions to winning and losing. True gambling addicts feel a high when they lose just as much as when they win, so if you are finding that defeat is a thrilling thing, you may need help.

Gambling can be a world of fun but it comes with a certain sense of responsibility. You must stay within your means if you are going to enjoy gambling regularly.

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Spending at a Casino

Everyone has a system they use to try and limit their losses when visiting a casino. The best approach to enjoying yourself in a casino is to know your limitations and avoid gambling away the bill money for the month. Set aside as much money as you can, and then use one of these systems to help you limit your losses.

1) Right Pocket to Left Pocket

When you walk into the casino, have the money you intend to spend in your right pocket. As you go to play a slot machine or a video poker game, pull out one of the bills from your right pocket. If you win on that bill, pull out your winnings and put them in your left pocket and then move on to the next machine. If you lose that bill, then move on to a new machine and try your luck somewhere else. For the table games, pull out a bill and start playing. Set your winnings aside and keep playing until the bill is gone. Cash in your winnings, put them in your left pocket and move on to a new game. Never spend the money in your left pocket. Once your right pocket is empty, it is time to leave. You could lose all of your money, but with this system you at least have a chance to walk out with your winnings.

2) Casino Money

Leave your ATM card at home and only play with the money you came with. You can decide to play your winnings if you want, but under no circumstances do you use a credit card or take money from your bank account. At least, with this method, you will never spend more than you intended.

Visiting a casino requires will power to prevent you from losing all of your money. When you have a good system to follow, that can help you enjoy your time without spending more than you intended to.

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Increasing Your Chance to Win at the Casino

There are many experts who believe that gambling and casino games can be a waste of money. However, if you play certain casino games that have a very low house edge or a player advantage you could potentially rake in a lot of money. The key is knowing which casino games have the best player advantage.

If you are heading to Las Vegas or Atlantic City and looking for the casino game that have the best player advantage here is a look at some games you should consider.

Casino Poker

Poker is a casino game that relies heavily upon skill. It has a huge player advantage because the players are essentially playing against each other and not against the casino. This means if you know how to properly play your cards and bluff, you could end up winning big.


Backjack is another game that requires a combination of skill and luck. In fact, the official odds when it comes to a game of Blackjack give the advantage to the players. There is a set strategy to how to play Blackjack with players hitting certain hands and staying on others. If you were to play by this strategy the odds are slightly in your favor.

Video Poker

Just like table or casino poker, video poker is another game that gives the advantage to the players. If you play using the skills you learn and knowing the probability of certain hands being dealt you could win big bucks playing video poker.

All casino games are essentially a game of luck but by choosing ones that give the advantage to the players you could end up winning big.

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